Trend Tuesday | Cute Signs

Everyone is obsessed with chalkboards and other signs at the wedding. Take the trend into your pictures too! Check out this idea captured by Ross Weddings. For more, visit www.rossweddings.com. Here we have five more cute signs for you to steal for your wedding.

{1} Better Together: You can hold these in pictures or hang them on your chairs like this couple did. Either way, these signs are cute and perfect for a wedding.

{2} Frame: For a sign that looks like a polaroid frame, try one like this with your date and names on it. Even better, you can leave it in the reception area for guests to take photos in!

{3} For Always: If you love when things are said in a different language, try these signs. Per Sempre means For Always, which is perfect for your wedding day.

{4} And Sign: Don't want to hold weird words in your picture? Try an ampersand! This is the most simple way to show everyone that you guys are going to be an and from here on out.

{5} Thank You: Looking for ideas for your thank you notes? How about a picture? This cute and fun picture shows guests they were really a part of something special and that you were thankful they were there.