Fashion Friday

{1} Woodlands Dress: This unique gown with an illusion back, covered with greenery and natural elements, just may be a great addition to an outdoor wedding!

{2} Floral Heels: Embellished with bejeweling, these floral heels are a perfect accent to a nature themed wedding or simply a beautifully chic shoe to add to a gorgeous gown!

{3} Raw Diamond Ring: To tie into a natural element theme, this raw diamond engagement ring would look beautiful on just about any bride. 

{4} Wild Head Piece: With twigs and greenery, this wild head crown is for the bold and daring. A lovely unique look for a wildly trendy bride.

{5} Furry Groom: With cooler weather, comes warmer accessories. This fur scarf is manly in every way and fashion forward all the same.