Trend Inspiration | Sunflowers

During this summer season, sunflowers are popping up in weddings! This picture, photographed by Lori and Erin Photography shows great tabletop flower arrangements made with sunflowers. Check out their website, www.LoriandErin.com for more great shots like this one! Here are some other ways to incorporate sunflowers in different aspects of your wedding.

{1} Hanging Pomanders: These decorations look great for a rustic wedding! 
{2} Aisle Runner: A cute way to not actually purchase an aisle runner, but also not leave the lawn bare.
{3} Cake: Add a few sunflowers on your wedding cake for a fun look that keeps the sunflower theme going.
{4} Bouquet: Put some other fun flowers in your bouquet along side sunflowers for a great look. 
{5} Favors: Give out seeds as favors to your guests, so they can grow their own!