Fashion Inspiration

{1} High Neckline: This flowy dress is perfect for a beach wedding. The high neckline is classy and stands out. 

{2} Contemporary Heel: If you need something blue and love a modern look, these heels are for you. They give you a pop of blue, paired with gold as well.

{3} Simple Elegant Ring: If you don't love a lot of flash then make sure you request something on the simpler side. The five diamonds in front add some bling but the solid gold band keeps it classic.

{4} Pearl Studs: If statement earrings aren’t your thing, try these simple pearls instead. Paired with gold and a diamond they are perfect to make a statement but won’t steal the spotlight either.

{5} Anchor Tie Bar: If your future husband loves a nautical look, this stainless steel anchor tie bar, made by J. Crew, is perfect. 


Ruby's Blog | Wedding Cakes

Hello Bride & Groom’s To Be!

I’m Ruby the Rochester Bride! As a newlywed of the Rochester area, I love sharing my knowledge of the wedding experience with newly engaged couples. This week I can’t wait to share with you all about your wedding cake!

A traditional wedding cake is a ritual and a symbol of the couple’s willingness to share each other’s household from then on. Usually, it is a white cake with buttercream frosting, but now there are more options to choose from!

{1} Flavor: It can be chocolate, carrot, rum, fudge, white chocolate, lemon or cheesecake, or any other flavor your baker offers.

{2} Filling: You must choose a filling, if you want one, which complements the cake flavor.

{3} Decorations: Cakes may be decorated with fresh and silk flowers, delicate colorful frosting flowers and borders, mini-figurines or crystal toppers. Get creative, and you can put almost anything on it.

{4} Baker
: Select your baker three to six months before your wedding. When you meet with your baker, be sure to describe your wedding, number of guests, location and time of the reception. Also, look at photos of specially made cakes and ask to taste samples, if that’s possible. Order your cake one month in advance and always request a receipt describing the type of cake you have ordered, as well as the filling, icing, style and color of decorations.

{5} Procedure
: The wedding cake usually sits on a skirted table, which will be wheeled into the center of the room when the couple is ready to cut it. Make sure you place both of your right hands over one another and cut the first slice, which you two will share. Save the top layer and freeze it for your first anniversary, your baker can advise you on the best way to wrap and freeze it.

{6} Groom's Cake
: The groom’s cake is usually a gift to the groom and given as a way to remind him he hasn’t been forgotten. This cake could represent his favorite sport, sports team, dark with fruits or nuts or soaked in liquor. It can be presented in many ways, during the celebration, included as one of the layers of the bridal cake and served at the reception as a second choice, served at the rehearsal dinner or specially boxed miniatures given as gifts to attendants.


Fashion Inspiration

{1} Hi-Lo Dress: This dress not only incorporates the hi-lo length, but has a layer of vibrant fabric for show underneath!
{2} Peep Toe Shoe: Why not show off that fresh pedicure, with these open-toes Jimmy Choo pumps!
{3} Backdrop Necklace: An open back dress calls for these backdrop necklaces, which gives you elegance in the front and back.
{4} Hexagon Ring: This ring is all about the detail and the uniqueness.  Would you rock this rock?

{5} Wooden Watch: Let your guy be creative with his wedding accessories too! This wooden watch is a sleek look and will look fantastic as he holds her hand down the aisle.


Ruby's Blog | Wedding Flowers

 Hello Bride & Groom’s To Be!

I’m Ruby the Rochester Bride! As a newlywed of the Rochester area, I love sharing my knowledge of the wedding experience with newly engaged couples. This week, we are going to discuss everything to do with wedding flowers!

{1} Selecting Flowers: When selecting flowers for you wedding, be sure to keep in mind your color, scheme, dress style, other wedding apparel, time of day, season, environment, what you like and of course your budget. Typically flowers will cost around 10-15% of your overall budget.

{2} Seasons: Each season calls for different flowers. Spring is a good time for daffodils, lilacs and peonies. Summer calls for asters, gladioli and orchids. Autumn is best for zinnias, marigolds, mimosas and button chrysanthemums. Lastly, winter is good for deep red roses, poinsettias, stephanotis and freesias.

{3} Expert Advice: Start at least six to twelve months before your wedding, and get advice from a professional florist or floral designer. Bring fabric swatches, descriptions and photos of wedding apparel. Always know the number of people who need flowers, a description of the size/number of tables at the venue as well as a date, time and location of deliveries.

{4} Bouquets: If you plan on saving your bouquet, ask about purchasing a small one for throwing. Bouquets for your bridal party are usually similar to yours in size and shape, but the colors and flowers may differ. Other people to remember flowers for are the flower girl, mothers, grandmothers, the wedding party, fathers and ushers. Whether you choose boutonnieres or bouquets, it’s all up to you.

{5} Church: The church may or may not be decorated with flowers and plants. Flowers are usually used to draw attention to the front of the church and the bridal couple. People also use flowers to mark the end of the pews or as centerpieces on both sides of the alter.

{6} Reception: Flowers at the reception should complement the table linens and the size of the table. If there will be a buffet, an arrangement could be placed on that table as well.  A great alternative to fresh flowers is silk flowers; they last longer and can be enjoyed after your special day. You can opt for all fresh, all silk or a combination of both. 


Trend Inspiration | Beach Wedding

With summer here, and the availability of beaches, couples are choosing to go with laid back beach weddings! Not only does the location tie a beach wedding all together, but the small details throughout the wedding do too. We love this wedding picture photographed by Robin Fox Photography! Check them out at www.RobinFoxPhotography.com for other great shots!

{1} Center Pieces: Using starfish and candles adds to a casual atmosphere for your table centerpieces. 

{2} Guest Book: Use natural rocks and have people sign them instead of a traditional guest book. 

{3} Bouquet: Love beach flowers and seashells? This bouquet is perfect for a simplistic bride.

{4} Invitations: Set the mood of your wedding early. These invites are sure to tell your guests it is a beach wedding. 

{5} Place Cards: Make mini message-in-a-bottles for your guests not only to keep as a favor but also guide them to their table. 


Fashion Inspiration

{1}Textured Ombre Dress: This dress transitions into a subtle blush color, while still maintaining a traditional sense of integrity. On trend, but still simple!
{2}Satin Blush Shoes: The color palette in the dress allows you many color options for shoes. These pearl adorned pumps will accent every part of your gown.

{3}Pink Diamond Ring: For the girl who loves pink, this gorgeous pink diamond in a rose gold setting would sparkle perfectly with the rest of this ensemble!
{4}Jeweled Belt: On trend and a simple way to add a bit more to your wedding day look, this belt with white and blush colored flowers and jeweled accents is such a charming touch.
{5}Pocket Square: Your groom can match you in a subtle way with a blush toned pocket square... it might even come in handy once the tears start!


Ruby's Blog | Ceremony Layout

Hello Bride and Groom's To Be!

I’m Ruby the Rochester Bride!  As a newlywed of the Rochester area, I love sharing my knowledge of the wedding experience with newly engaged couples.  This week I can’t wait to share with you unique ideas for your ceremony layout!

Looking for a fresh way to set up your ceremony, instead of the traditional rows? These ideas are great to wow your guests and make for some great photographs, but keep the ceremony new and exciting as well.

{1} Circle: Surround yourself in a circle of love, and place the chairs surrounding where the ceremony will happen.

{2} Swirl: Having a small wedding? Place your chairs in what appears to be a large swirl, with the couple centered in the middle. 

{3} Mismatched Chairs: Love garage sales or thrift stores? Utilize all those mismatched chairs one can find and use them to seat your guests! Paint them the same color or leave them completely unique.

{4} Benches and Chairs: Alternate simple wooden benches along with wooden chairs to mix up the seating arrangements. 

{5} Ceremony and Reception in One: Instead of using two places for the ceremony and reception, swap out traditional chairs for tables and as soon as the ceremony is over start the reception!