Trend Inspiration | Vintage Weddings

There is something super romantic about vintage weddings, and these days it is especially easy to pull off because of the amazing comeback that vintage style has had! Check out this gorgeous photograph, shot by Ross Weddings, that truly captures the love between this couple. Their attire and the vintage car are perfect, and you can have your own vintage inspired wedding by incorporating some of these ideas below!

{1} Dress: Live your vintage dream by choosing a dress from your favorite time period. We love this 1950's inspired style.

{2} Stationary: Give your guests a sneak peak at how glamourous your wedding affair will be with a vintage postcard invitation.

{3} Card Box: You can get super creative with your card box, but we love this vintage travel theme using an old suitcase and clothespins.

{4} Centerpiece: Set the mood with tea cup candles. They may be simple but are sweet and unique touches that will add a lot to your vintage decor.

{5} Favors: These Prohibition inspired wedding favors are perfect for a vintage wedding! They are fun and will definitely be appreciated and remembered by your guests.



Fashion Inspiration

{1} Glitter Bridesmaids Dress: These glamorous bridesmaids dresses are to die for! The sequin design makes them both fun and elegant.


{2} Nude Wedding Shoes: These super pretty shoes from Christian Louboutin are the perfect shade of nude that will compliment any wedding color scheme.


{3} Beach Hair Accessories: These starfish hair accessories are perfect for the beach themed wedding, or the beach-loving bride!


{4} Turquoise Engagement Ring: This turquoise engagement ring is absolutely unique and definitely beautiful!

{5} Groom in Baby Blues: We adore this vintage inspired suit for a groom that really wants to stand out.



Ruby's Blog | Writing Your Own Vows

Hello Bride & Groom’s To Be!

I’m Ruby the Rochester Bride! As a newlywed of the Rochester area, I love sharing my knowledge of the wedding experience with newly engaged couples. This week I can’t wait to share with you some ideas for writing your own wedding vows!

{1} Inspiration: Before starting your wedding vows, read traditional vows that are generally practiced by your religion or culture. This will help guide you how you feel and what you want your vows to be. There is no right or wrong way to put your vows together, it’s all about what you want to promise to your fiance on the day of your wedding!

{2} Formatting: Think about how you would like your vows to come out when you are at the alter; will they be humorous, poetic or romantic? Make sure when picking a format that you and your fiancé fully understand what format you are going with before starting to write your vows. That way one of you isn’t writing the vows to be humorous while the other one write's the vows to be super romantic. As a couple, you should also decide if you want to write your vows together or separately.

{3}Note Taking: Writing your vows can be hard and can be difficult at first, so just start off small. Make little notes about your fiancé; what you like that they do, what you love about them, favorite memory, time you have spent together, what inspires you about your fiancé, etc.

{4} Promise: Vows are about making promises to each other, so make sure you have some promises in mind that you would like to put into your vows. There is no rule book on what promises you have to have in your vows, you could put something like “I promise to always be there for you” or “I promise to always give you a kiss goodbye."  Try to have two or more promises in your vows. 

{5} Cryptic Inside Jokes: Inside jokes or embarrassing moments are okay to include in your vows, however you are going to want to try to keep it to one or two. You're reading your vows out loud, and your family and friends aren’t going to know what you are talking about if your vows are too cryptic. You want to make sure everyone fully understand your vows, but it is okay to include a little thing that just your fiance will understand!

{6} First Draft and Practicing: Once you feel you have a good amount of information with your notes about your fiance, start piecing them all together. Shortly after starting to write, you will have your first draft of your wedding vows! Once you have finished your first draft, go over the vows many times and make edits. After you feel they are final, practice reading the vows out loud and try to memorize what you can. You want to be able to see your fiancé's face when they are hearing your vows for the first time. 

{7} The Length of The Vows: Your vows are going to be one of the most incredible items you share with one another, but there also should be a time limit on your vows. Ideal vows should be one or two minutes long, you don’t want to drag on or repeat yourself too much, and you can help avoid that by putting a time frame on how long you each want to speak. If you feel that you have written too much, a good idea would be to move some parts of them to a letter you plan to give your fiance before the ceremony, or to a toast during the reception.



Trend Inspiration | Wedding Cake Toppers

There are countless ways to make your wedding unique, and every detail can be personalized to fit you as a couple! We love how creative people are with cake toppers now, instead of the usual figurine that used to adorn every wedding cake. This "Love" topper is simple on this small yet beautiful wedding cake, photographed by Lori and Erin Photography.  Here are some more ideas to top it off!

{1} Pictures: This cake topper is very personal, not to mention easy to recreate!


{2} Location, Location: This cake topper featuring two states that the couple is from is sweet, and another symbol of how their love brought them together.


{3} Bunting: This adorable wedding cake bunting perfectly suits a rustic wedding. 

{4} Chalkboard: If you are following the chalkboard trend for your wedding, why not use it as cake decor as well. Bonus: you can have it say anything you want! 


{5} Themed: As we mentioned before, there are so many ways to make weddings creative these days! Tie your whole theme into your decor, like this one specific cake that had an adorable ode to Disney for the topper.



Fashion Inspiration

{1} Ball Gown: The traditional wedding gown is still just as gorgeous as ever, and will make any bride feel like a princess. This gown is from House of Wu's Spring 2016 collection.

{2} Red Wedding Shoes: This fiery pop of color is perfect for the passionate bride!


{3} Garter: This wedding garter is absolutely gorgeous! We think any bride who owns this should keep it instead of letting the groom toss it during the reception.


{4} Finger Print Rings: These rings are almost as personal as can be, with each couples finger print etched onto it.


{5} Groom in Sneakers: For the laid back groom, have them sport sneakers on the big day! They might as well be comfortable while they dance all night with their bride.



Ruby's Blog | Changing Your Last Name

Hello Bride & Groom’s To Be!

I’m Ruby the Rochester Bride! As a newlywed of the Rochester area, I love sharing my knowledge of the wedding experience with newly engaged couples. This week, I'm going to discuss with you how to go about changing your last name after the wedding, if you choose to do so.

{1} Marriage Certificate: Before you can change your last name, you’re going to need your original marriage license that will have the raised seal and your new last name on it. You can go to the clerk's office where your license was filed and have them get you the copy of your marriage license.

{2} Social Security Card: To change your last name on your social security card you’re going to need to visit the Social Security Administration’s website and fill out the application for a new card. Your social security number will stay the same! After filling out the application, mail it in to the local Social Security Administration office. You can expect to see the new card about two or three weeks after that. 

{3} Driver’s License: Go to your local DMV office to have your driver’s license changed to your new last name! You’re going to need to bring every form of identification that you have; your old license, marriage certification, passport, proof of residency, and your new social security card. No one loves going to the DMV but the more documents you bring with you, the easier it will be to change your name. 

{4} Bank Account: If not done right, changing your last name on your bank account could be the hardest of them all. The best and fastest way to change your last name at you bank is by going right into the branch that is closest to you. You’re going to need to bring your new driver’s license, marriage certification, and new social security card. While you’re at the bank, you should ask for new checks and credit or debit cards. Keep in mind you might have to pay a fee for ordering these new items with your new last name on them, if you choose to get new ones before they expire.

{5} Other Changes: After changing your last name from the list above, other places should be much easier! Some may ask for just a phone call others might need to see your marriage license or your new social security card. 
  • Employers
  • Post office
  • Electric and other utility companies
  • Credit card companies
  • School and alumni associations
  • Landlord or Mortgage Company
  • Insurance companies
  • Doctors' offices
  • Voter registration office
  • Investment account providers
  • Your attorney
  • Passport agency
 Important note!  Make sure to change your last name after your honeymoon, or give yourself three to four weeks after filing the papers before you want to travel. You may run into issues at the airport if you go beforehand.


Trend Inspiration | Unique Bridal Bouquets

Flowers are a staple in many weddings, and the most beautiful bouquet is always carried by the bride herself! But we love what some women are choosing to do by having a unique bouquet they carry down the aisle, like this gorgeous one captured by Robin Fox Photography, featuring cranberries and colored objects amongst the flowers! Read below while we share with you more ideas for unique bridal bouquets.

{1} Giant Flower Bouquet: This show-stopper is especially unique.  Also known as a composite, this bouquet looks like only one giant flower, but is pieced together with many petals.

{2} Succulent Bouquet: For a beautiful garden themed day, this bouquet full of succulents will fit right in. We love how the pastel colors compliment each other so well!

{3} Brooch Bouquet: Okay so this one does not involve natural elements at all, but we adore how gorgeous brooch bouquets are! You can also incorporate brooches that have sentimental meaning to you to make them extra special.

{4} Au Naturelle: This one is fun and definitely for the more laid-back bride. The bouquet consists mainly of feathers with a few other natural elements tied in.

{5} Beach Bouquet: This gorgeous sea themed bouquet is perfect for a beach themed affair.