Ruby's Blog | How To Save On Your Wedding

Hello Bride & Groom’s To Be!

I’m Ruby the Rochester Bride! As a newlywed of the Rochester area, I love sharing my knowledge of the wedding experience with newly engaged couples. Today, I am going to discuss ways to save on your wedding!

{1} Skip Saturday: Saturdays are the most convenient and popular day to get married, and in turn, are also the most expensive. Consider having your wedding on a Friday evening or a Sunday afternoon; most venues will offer you cheaper rates for these days, and your wedding will be just as fun and special!

{2} Eat Light: Food for your wedding will be one of the priciest expenses, but it is a necessity! However, you can still have a great meal on a budget. Think about having a brunch wedding instead of the usual dinner. Brunch is fun and delicious, and can be the perfect setting for your laid back event.

{3} Negotiate with Vendors: Just because you are on a budget does not mean you can't have your dream wedding! For example, if there is a photographer or band you absolutely love, see if you can negotiate a price that works well for both parties. Don't be aggressive, but be honest. Chances are they will try to help you out, and if not, they are most likely going to recommend someone else in their line of work who will do a great job at a lower price.

{4} Decor: Flowers are beautiful and very traditional in weddings, but they can also cost quite a bit. If you really want flowers at your wedding, choose blooms that are in season, or you can even make your own wild flower bouquets! As far as other decor goes, choose centerpieces with candles, lanterns and similar pieces that are cheaper then flowers and just as beautiful!

{5} His & Her's: Another area that will cost a good chunk of money at a wedding is the bar. Many couples opt for open bar to make it easier on their guests. If you choose this way, there are some ways to save, like choosing a bar package that is just beer and wine! If you really want liquor at your reception, see if the venue will let you bring in your own that you bought from a wholesaler, or just have them make a "His" and "Her's" drink instead of an paying for an entire bar.


Trend Inspiration | What To Toss

Tossing something is a fun way to congratulate the new Mr. & Mrs. as they walk down the aisle as a married couple for the first time! This fun photograph was captured by Ross Studios  shows this couple covered in bubbles by their guests. This is a popular choice for weddings, as well as the very traditional rice tossing. However, we suggest mixing things up a bit with these fun tossing ideas below!

{1} Glitter: For the Bride who is all about have a glamorous wedding, supply your guests with glitter or metallic confetti to toss as you walk arm-and-arm with your new spouse!

{2} Sprinkles: Sprinkles are cheap, easy to get and so colorful! These will be fun to toss as well as make for a great photograph.

{3} Lavender: Something about the soft scent of lavender is romantic, not to mention it smells good! Give your guests little bags of dried lavender to toss a a means of congratulating you.

{4} Birdseed: Perfect for the nature inspired or rustic wedding, birdseed is a great alternative for an exit toss!

{5} Petals: If you don't have a flower girl, you can give your guests flower petals to toss at your and your brand new spouse for a pretty exit.



Fashion Inspiration

{1} 1920's Inspired Gown: We love this Gatsby style wedding gown which would be perfect for a vintage-loving bride.


{2} MaryJane Wedding Pumps: This classic shoe can add a fun flare or vintage pop to any style  gown.

{3} Vintage Head Dresses: Sticking with our Gatsby inspired theme, a feather headdress lends an old twist on the modern day veil. 

{4} Ring for the Ages: We love the rustic spin on this beautiful and timeless ring. 


{5} Embroidered suspenders: If your groom is intending to wear suspenders on the big day, surprise him and get them embroidered beforehand. This will be a fun and memorable gift, as well as stylish! 


Ruby's Blog | Destination Weddings

Hello Bride & Groom’s To Be!

I’m Ruby the Rochester Bride! As a newlywed of the Rochester area, I love sharing my knowledge of the wedding experience with newly engaged couples. This week, I am going to discuss some things you need to know if you are considering a destination wedding!

{1} Price: An average wedding in Rochester is about $25,000 and up. We're not saying that planning a vacation wedding will be cheap, but if planned right, it can be slightly cheaper or just as much as a local wedding. So we want to ask... why not have a destination wedding?

{2} Locations: Living in Upstate New York, the tropical climates seem like a dream year round. Keep in mind that different island areas can experience extreme weather during certain times of the year. You don't want to plan your perfect day only to have crazy rainstorms put a damper on it!

{3} Guests: It can be a lot to ask your guests to travel for your wedding, so make sure you send out your "save the dates" and invites, months in advance to give them plenty of time to prepare! You can also get group deals for airlines and hotels, so make them aware of this information. Once your guests arrive, it would be nice to have a welcome bag for them filled with goodies including a map, information about the location and an itinerary for the weekend.

{4} Hire An Expert: While wedding planning in general can be stressful, it can be even more difficult planning one in a different country! There may be language and cultural barriers, as well as communication difficulties with the distance. Many resorts have event coordinators that you can hire to do the crazy legwork, and make sure your dream day goes perfectly.

{5} Make It Legal: Make sure you research wedding licenses in different countries! You may need to fill one out in the U.S. as well as the country in which you choose to wed. See if you would need to book an extra trip to fly down and apply for the licenses a few weeks before you get married, or would need to go back at all after the wedding.


Trend Inspiration | Fun Photography

We love this fun photograph captured by Ross Studios! Traditional wedding shots are important to have, but you always want to remember the fun and silliness of the best day of your life as well. Below are some of our favorite fun wedding photography ideas!

{1} Show Off Your Rings: You and your new spouse have just exchanged meaningful rings, so why not show off your bling! Get a fun picture like this couple did featuring your wedding rings.


{2} Bridesmaids True Colors: This one may be exaggerated for the humor, but we love this funny photograph showcasing the personalities of the bridesmaids. 


{3} With The Flower Girl: We love this intimate moment captured between the Bride and her flower girl.


{4} Embarrass The Crowd: Make your younger guests giggle every time you kiss, and make sure you get it on camera to show them one day!


{5} All In The Family: Traditional shots of family members with the couple are nice to have, but we adore this fun picture of all the extended family and friends celebrating with the couple! 



Fashion Inspiration

{1} A Little Bit of Everything: Looking for a way to "wow" your wedding guests? Then this is the dress for you! This is a mermaid style gown with lace sleeves and a ruffled overlay skirt. Also perfect if you can't pick just one style! 

Make a statement in this mermaid wedding dress paired with a lace top and ruffle skirt. The stunning sweetheart neckline luxe charmeuse wedding dress is paired with a tulle ruffled skirt, vintage inspired lace jacket, and crystal belt. The chic combination is perfect for a bride looking to make a statement on her wedding day!

{2} Flower Heels: You can never have too many flowers when it comes to your wedding day! Sport them with these fun pumps.

Splendid High Heels for Spring/ Summer 2014

{3} Wedding Gown Sash: Get a little more detail on your wedding dress by adding a sash. It could be anything from a simple colored ribbon, to a sash with lots of rhinestones. 
This crystal BHLDN sash is the perfect way to adorn a more simple wedding dress

{4} Gold Art Deco Ring: This art deco inspired engagement and wedding ring set is unique as well as gorgeous!


{5} White Tuxedo: Who says only the Bride can wear white on her wedding day? Change things up, have your groom match your wedding gown with a handsome white tux!

The white dinner jacket paired with black bow tie and black tuxedo dress pants.   You need this in your life.


Ruby's Blog | Speciality Services at Your Wedding

Hello Bride & Groom’s To Be!

I’m Ruby the Rochester Bride! As a newlywed of the Rochester area, I love sharing my knowledge of the wedding experience with newly engaged couples. This week, I am going to share with you some ideas for specialty services you can include at your wedding to make it even more special and unique!

{1} Valet: If you are getting married at a location that may not have great or close parking, consider hiring a valet service for the day. It will be a nice way to surprise your guests and make them feel appreciated!

{2} Coat Check: For a wedding taking place in the off-season, which is anytime between late fall and early Spring, hire a coat check for your wedding reception! That way people won't have to keep track of their coats, and your beautifully decorated reception fall won't be littered in jackets!

{3} Seat Escorts: It seems that the tradition of having Ushers at weddings is not as common as it used to be, but having people escort guests to their seats either at the ceremony or reception is another great way to make your wedding feel like the elegant affair it is!

{4} Red Carpet Photo Shoot: Having photo booths with props has been a major wedding trend the past couple of years, but turn it up a notch at your own wedding with a red carpet photo shoot for your guests! You can also create a customized background with your wedding logo and have your guests feel like celebrities for a day. Chances are you will get some really great pictures!

{5} Champagne Hour: If you are having a cocktail hour between your ceremony and reception, have hand passed hors d'ouevres as well as servers passing glasses of champagne to your guests so they don not need to wait in line at the bar.