Fashion Inspiration

{1} Boho-Chic Dress: This lace dress is relaxed yet still elegant and boho appropriate. It can be dressed up or down depending on the season and location of your wedding.

{2} Strappy Sparkle: Your shoes don't have to be dull and plain; these T-strap heels stunners will act as an extension to the accessories you'll have piled on to go with your whimsical style.
{3} Bow Ring: If you are more about simple touches, this ring is trendy and symbolic.
{4} Stud Earring: These will match mostly any dress. With the pearl, diamonds and small gold flower, it’s the best of all worlds combined. 
 {5} Nautical Suit: An all white suit will look great if the wedding is on a beach or near a body of water... It’s a sophisticated way to combine casual and romantic. 


Ruby's Blog | Wedding Website

Hello Bride & Groom’s To Be!

I’m Ruby the Rochester Bride! As a newlywed of the Rochester area, I love sharing my knowledge of the wedding experience with newly engaged couples. This week, I can’t wait to share with you the benefits of having a wedding website! 

{1} Cost: The cost of having all your invitations printed will add up every fast. You have to think about the cost of having the invitations made, the amount of invitations you will need to have for all your friends and family, and the postage for both the invitation and the RSVP. Let all your friends and family know about your wedding website at your engagement party or wedding shower. This will help ultimately save you time and money on multiple inserts for the invitation. 

{2} Registry: Having a wedding website will help your friends and family where you are registered, and what gifts have already been bought. This will help both you and your guests stay organized!  It's also a more tactful way of sharing your wedding registry.

{3} Change Made Easier: As the wedding day gets closer and closer, things may change a little, like location of the wedding in case of rain, or updates on hotel availability. Any last minute changes can be added right into your wedding website so your guests are always up-to-date!  Be sure to let your guest know also via a friendly phone call or chatting with them in person.

{4} Make it Personal: You can design your wedding to fit you and your fiancĂ© perfectly. You can pick colors, theme, and pictures, and you can write little stories about you both as well! 

{5}Going green: Having a wedding website is also eco-friendly! You can cut paper cost and waste by having all of your information available on your website. 



Trend Inspiration | "Mrs." Attire

Showing off your new title as “Mrs.” is a big deal, which is why prepping for your I do’s with some personalized attire is a must! Robes embroidered with “Mrs.” on them, necklaces with gold “Mrs.” charms and much more are a common trend on wedding days. Check out this great photo by Erin and Lori photography of a robe the bride is styling before she puts on her dress. For more great photos like this check out their website, www.LoriandErin.com! Here are some other creative and fun ideas to incorporate your new title into your wedding day.

 {1} Converse: Add your own style with these personalized converse sneakers, with an embroidered “Mrs.” On the tongue!

{2} Necklace: A simple and elegant necklace to wear down the aisle.

{3} Hangers: As your prepping on your big day, remind yourself that you will soon be a Mrs.

{4} Earrings: Perfect to show off with your up do hairstyle.

{5} Comfy Tee: Lounge before the wedding in this comfy Mrs. Tee.


Fashion Friday

{1} Versace Gown: This dress has an interesting neckline and a silhouette that is clean and elegant. 

 {2} Something Blue Shoe: If you’re all about the glam and love a high pump, this is for you! The detailed cut outs are a extra detail that make them extra unique.

 {3} Teardrop Earrings: These pink rose gold teardrop earrings are so glamorous they will complete any look. Perfect to wear with an up do. 
 {4} Vintage Inspired Ring: There is so much bling on this ring it surely will shine bright, with sparkly white diamonds surrounding it. Perfect for a glam loving bride. 
 {5} Suit and Bowtie: There is no better way to match a glamorous bride then with a red carpet look on the groom. This fitted suit and bowtie looks great.


Ruby's Blog | Changing Your Last Name

Hello Bride & Groom’s To Be!

I’m Ruby the Rochester Bride! As a newlywed of the Rochester area, I love sharing my knowledge of the wedding experience with newly engaged couples. This week, I'm going to discuss with you how to go about changing your last name after the wedding, if you choose to do so.

{1} Marriage Certificate: Before you can change your last name, you’re going to need your original marriage license that will have the raised seal and your new last name on it. You can go to the clerk's office where your license was filed and have them get you the copy of your marriage license.

{2} Social Security Card: To change your last name on your social security card you’re going to need to visit the Social Security Administration’s website and fill out the application for a new card. Your social security number will stay the same! After filling out the application, mail it in to the local Social Security Administration office. You can expect to see the new card about two or three weeks after that. 

{3} Driver’s License: Go to your local DMV office to have your driver’s license changed to your new last name! You’re going to need to bring every form of identification that you have; your old license, marriage certification, passport, proof of residency, and your new social security card. No one loves going to the DMV but the more documents you bring with you, the easier it will be to change your name. 

{4} Bank Account: If not done right, changing your last name on your bank account could be the hardest of them all. The best and fastest way to change your last name at you bank is by going right into the branch that is closest to you. You’re going to need to bring your new driver’s license, marriage certification, and new social security card. While you’re at the bank, you should ask for new checks and credit or debit cards. Keep in mind you might have to pay a fee for ordering these new items with your new last name on them, if you choose to get new ones before they expire.

{5} Other Changes: After changing your last name from the list above, other places should be much easier! Some may ask for just a phone call others might need to see your marriage license or your new social security card. 
  • Employers
  • Post office
  • Electric and other utility companies
  • Credit card companies
  • School and alumni associations
  • Landlord or Mortgage Company
  • Insurance companies
  • Doctors' offices
  • Voter registration office
  • Investment account providers
  • Your attorney
  • Passport agency
 Important note!  Make sure to change your last name after your honeymoon, or give yourself three to four weeks after filing the papers before you want to travel. You may run into issues at the airport if you go beforehand.


Trend Inspiration | Alternative Food Options

Sometimes it's fun to spice up a wedding with hand-held food options! We love this picture from Lori and Erin Photography of a great smore’s bar, check them out for more great pictures on their website http://www.lorianderin.com! We have put together some other great alternatives for your wedding that will be a hit with your guests.

{1} Potato Bar: Tator tots, French fries and baked potatoes can all be paired with cheesy, bacon goodness for a great finger food.

{2} Breakfast Buffet: Having a brunch wedding, or just love breakfast food? Try this as a buffet or a late night reception snack.

{3} Whoopie Pie Bar: This could work well for cupcakes, too! Everyone will love to design his or her own dessert.
 {4} Food Trucks: Outdoors weddings are perfect for a food truck appearance, and guests have the option of getting their treats when they'd like... or go back for more!
 {5} Gourmet Pizza: Sometimes, a good old fashioned pizza pie can be just as fancy.


Fashion Inspiration

{1} Intricate Dress: This dress is not short on details! All the beading gives it an elegant look and could be paired with a classic pearl necklace to match. 

{2} Vintage Pump: These lace and pearl pumps are perfect to make a statement. The thick heel and round toe gives this shoe a unique look.

{3} Simple Ring: This 18k white gold ring is minimalistic but still shines. It can be customized for an even more personal look, or kept the same for beautiful simplicity. 

{4} Bangle: Having a more relaxed wedding? Wearing a bangle as an accessory, instead of a fancy bracelet or necklace, will match the style of your venue.

{5} Skinny Suspenders: Instead of a skinny tie, opt for your groom to wear suspenders. Leather looks sharp and will pop from the background of a white button up.