Fashion Inspiration

{1} Boho Wedding Dress: For the boho inspired bride, this chic dress may be the perfect fit!

{2} Rain Boots: It is always good to be prepared, especially if you plan to have your wedding during Spring! This extra accessory adds a fun flair to your wedding attire.

{3} Floral Hair Piece: For your outdoor summer wedding, skip the veil and opt for a stunning floral hair piece instead!

{4} Black Stone Ring: This black stone ring is absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for the bride who is searching for a unique look.

{5} Suspenders: We love this dashing Groom's look with just a dress shirt and suspenders. Classic yet casual!



Ruby's Blog | Financing After The Wedding

Hello Bride & Groom’s To Be!

I’m Ruby the Rochester Bride! As a newlywed of the Rochester area, I love sharing my knowledge of the wedding experience with newly engaged couples. This week, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about finances after the wedding.

{1} Money Management: To make it easier to track your finances, you can join your accounts and credit cards together so you both have access to the information.

{2} Taxes: Now that you are married you will encounter an entirely new tax situation. Meaning you will file under a different category and possibly get more tax returns and cuts. At least for your first year of marriage, the best way to file your taxes is with a certified public accountant who will be able to help you and give you all the new information you need.

{3} Insurance and Benefits: If both of you are employed see if one of the company's you work for offers health insurance. Then see if it saves you money by filing health insurance under just one health plan, rather than both. It is also important to compare and contrast both benefit plans. 

{4} Savings and Investing: When first starting your life together, it is very important to think about both short and long term goals. Retirement may be years away from you at this point, but it is never too early to think about what you would like to do, how you would like to save and when you will start to save for retirement.

{5} Estate Planning:  There is a lot of things to think about and organize now that you’re married! It may seem soon, but it is important to think about establishing a will and plan for joint ownership of all of your assets. A Will should be done by an attorney, and can always be up dated at any time, which is something to remember as your family grows!


Trend Inspiration | Alternative Wedding Cakes

There are so many ways to put a unique touch on your wedding, but the most delicious has got to be your wedding cake! There are so many alternative ways to have a fun dessert to serve on your big day, as seen in this picture captured by Lori & Erin Photography. Read on to get some more creative and tasty ideas for your own wedding!

{1} Rice Krispy Treat Cake: Talk about nostalgia! This cake not only looks delicious but would undoubtably bring back fond memories from childhood.


{2} Mini Pies: Similar to the cupcakes from the featured wedding above, the idea of having miniature pies would be that each of your guests gets their own! This is a super fun idea, but may be most ideal for smaller weddings.

{3} Cheese Cake: Not exactly the creamy and sweet dessert we all picture, but a real alternative "cake" made of different cheeses for the couple who prefers savory to sweet!
{4} Waffle Cake: This tower of waffles is perfect dessert for a brunch wedding.


{5} Crepes: Another way to play with the savory versus sweet aspect of the dessert could be with a crepe tower! If you really can't decide which filling to choose, try a couple of different crepe cakes.



Fashion Inspiration

{1} Long Train Wedding Gown: Looking for a wedding dress that merges unique with classic? This beautiful and textured long train is sure to "wow" all of your guests!

{2} Matching Colors: Lets change things up a bit. Have your bridesmaids wear the color of your wedding dress for their shoes, and you wear the color of their dress for your shoes! It may seem like a small detail, but it's a nice and easy way to tie everything together.

Get the whole bridesmaid gang together for this photo.
{3} Ornate Engagement Ring: This ornate gold engagement ring is absolutely breathtaking! The beauty really is in the details.


{4} Bridesmaids Necklace: If you're trying to find the perfect gift for your bridesmaids, than get them matching necklaces with the letter of their first name. They can wear it on the day of the wedding, and it will always be special gift that they can use years after too!

Mint opal green gold necklaces for your Bridesmaids, with monogram. in coral? - wish-upon-a-wedding
{5} Dark Gray Tuxedo: This dark gray tux is very classic yet different enough to make a major statement at your wedding! Your groom will be as handsome as ever if he sports this look.




Ruby's Blog | Escort Cards Vs. Place Cards

Hello Bride & Groom’s To Be!

I’m Ruby the Rochester Bride! As a newlywed of the Rochester area, I love sharing my knowledge of the wedding experience with newly engaged couples. This week, I am going to talk about escort vs. place cards, and their place in your wedding!

Escort Cards: These are a necessity for a wedding reception! They tell your guests which table they will be seated at for the evening. Without them, you will have all of your guests wandering the venue looking for their specific seat, causing major delays for your dinner!

To save yourself from this disorganized disaster, create escort cards. Many couples choose to have individual cards near the entrance of the reception venue. Be sure to arrange them in alphabetical order so that your guests can find theirs quickly, not by table.

Escort cards can be fun, so get creative! Decorate them to make your theme, or use objects that reflect your wedding, such as mini pumpkins for a Fall affair. Sometimes, the guest favors will be attached right to their escort card, which can be helpful to your budget. If cards do not seem to work with your particular celebration, create a beautiful board or frame with everyones name and table number written on it. As long as guests know where to go, your wedding will be smooth sailing! 

Place Cards: Some may not know, but place cards are different from escort cards. While escort cards show guests their table, place cards indicate the guests specific seat at that table. 

Place cards are not necessary, but definitely add a little more glamor and sophistication to a wedding. You can also decorate them to match your escort cards! If you choose to have one large sign in lieu of actual escort cards, you may want to have place cards on the table for everyone. 



Trend Inspiration | Monograms

Monograms are a major trend in modern weddings. They are beautiful and add that extra special and personal touch to your big day. We love how this wedding photographed by Lori and Erin used the couple's monogram on these fun chocolate truffles! Read below for more ways to use this awesome trend.

{1} Invitation and Stationary: Use your monogram throughout the whole wedding process, starting with your Save The Date's and wedding invitations!


{2} Dance Floor: Get a custom design to be put onto your dance floor! This fun effect adds some extra romance to the party. 


{3} Wedding Attire: 
It will be a sweet addition to your bridal attire to add your monogram to something, such as your wedding veil. 

{4} Bouquet Wrap: Hold your loved one close to you while you walk down the aisle to them with this pretty and simple monogram bouquet wrap.


 {5} Guest Book: Instead of the usual guest book, have your friends and family leave you a personal message on a model of your wedding monogram, which you can display in your home after the honeymoon!



Fashion Inspiration

{1} Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses: Sometimes it is hard to find just one dress that fits every one of your bridesmaid's body types and styles, so why not mix and match! From different styles with the same color, to the same style in different shades, to completely different patterns and styles similar to these pictured, everyone's bound to be happy.

{2} Gladiator Sandals: We all aim for a different feel for our wedding day, and maybe you're feeling Greek goddess-like. Throw on some gladiator sandals like these and you're set to go!

{3} All Rose Gold Everything: It's an old fashion tip not to mix your golds and silvers, but what if you can't decide between the two? Rose gold is a perfect combination and the best of both worlds. With a ring like this one you can't go wrong!

{4} Birdcage Veil: Maybe a long veil isn't your thing, but vintage glam is. A very tasteful and classy headpiece alternative is a birdcage veil like the one pictured!

{5} Your Own Vintage Groom: To fit the rest of your vintage feel, all you need is your groom to fit the part. Give him a top hat and an antique suit like the one we show, and everything else will fall into place.