Trend Tuesday | Unique Wedding Cakes

There are many different dessert option trends right now, but if as a couple you've decided to stick with the wedding cake tradition, then consider personalizing your cake to stand out from others. This photo by Lori and Erin photography shows a camo/hunter themed wedding cake. Check out more photos by Lori and Erin at www.lorianderin.com. Here we have a list of some of the most unique yet decadent wedding cakes out there.


{1} Photograph Cake: Is there even a more personalized cake design other than this photo filled wedding cake? Each tier displays black and white pictures of the bride and groom as a unique way to brand their wedding cake.

{2} Cinema Cake: This cake is different in a sense that half is very bridal and elegant (possibly to portray the bride's personality) and the other half displays a movie favorite of theirs. A great way to show interests between the bride and groom together, or separate!
{3} Heart Cake: The shape of your cake is also completely up to you two as a couple. A way to have your cake stand out is to give it a unique shape such as this heart shaped one tier cake!
{4} Dark Cake: Typically you see white or ivory cakes at weddings, but if you and your significant other prefer darker tones this is a beautifully displayed "black" wedding cake! Still very elegant while staying true to your style preferences!
{5} Travel Cake: Find a hobbie you and your bride/groom enjoy taking part in together, and express it to the bakery to come up with a unique and personal wedding cake that means something to you two as a couple!