Fashion Friday

{1} Keyhole Back Flower Girl: There's no doubt that the keyhole back in bridal dresses are adorable and classy. If you're looking to give your flower girl a fashion-forward dress while still remaining tasteful, here's a great way to do so!

{2} Crystal Flip Flops: A flip flop can be seen as super casual, so if you're expecting to wear them on your wedding day here is a great way to enhance the look!

{3} Triangular Engagement Ring: This look definitely stands out among the crowd. With the classic diamond being round or square-like, a triangular engagement ring is beautifully unique!

{4} Rhinestone Necklace: This neck piece will have your guests in awe, between the sparkle detail and the mesh illusion. It's a perfect accent for a strapless gown.

{5} Floral-Patterned Groom: This look is definitely for the bold grooms. Pairing a floral-patterned with a bright colored neck tie is a look for the fashion-forward men!