Fashion Inspiration

{1} High Neckline: This flowy dress is perfect for a beach wedding. The high neckline is classy and stands out. 

{2} Contemporary Heel: If you need something blue and love a modern look, these heels are for you. They give you a pop of blue, paired with gold as well.

{3} Simple Elegant Ring: If you don't love a lot of flash then make sure you request something on the simpler side. The five diamonds in front add some bling but the solid gold band keeps it classic.

{4} Pearl Studs: If statement earrings aren’t your thing, try these simple pearls instead. Paired with gold and a diamond they are perfect to make a statement but won’t steal the spotlight either.

{5} Anchor Tie Bar: If your future husband loves a nautical look, this stainless steel anchor tie bar, made by J. Crew, is perfect.