Trend Tuesday | Luxurious Cakes

Simple, elegant, and luxuriously decorated. Three things that describe cakes like this one that has gorgeously piped on flowers captured by John Schlia Photo. For more, visit www.johnschlia.com. From flowers, to painted on details, these cakes are making mouths water from just looking at them.

{1} Cascading Flowers: This gorgeous blue, silver, and white cake is something that can not be ignored. The flowers, though all monotone white, speak to the luxurious bridal feel that comes with a wedding.

{2} Painted On: Whether it is the gold details or the watercolor paint look, this cake looks delicious and like a work of art. Purple, blue, and gold feel so regal together.

{3} Naked Cake: Without frosting, the natural elements of this cake decoration stand out and feel incredibly fancy.

{4} Silver Details: With one large flower at the top and silver detail work, this cake looks like something out of a fairytale. 

{5} Shiny Ribbon: Add some glam to your cake with a satin ribbon and sparkly jewels. The brooch and the bow finish off this luxurious look with a bang.