Trend Tuesday | Funky Boutonnieres

Giving the groom a chance to shine on the big day is hard to do. Everything is pretty much standard: he wears a tux, looks nice, clean shaven, and pins on a boutonniere. This picture from John Schlia Photo shows how you can let his personality shine through using his boutonniere. For more, visit www.johnschlia.com. Here are five different ways to let your groom share the spotlight.

{1} Lost Loved Ones: If there is someone the groom was really close to that passed away, pin their picture into the boutonniere. That will keep them close to his heart as he passes this milestone in his life.

{2} Bottle Cap: A favorite drink or an homage to Pixar's Up, adding a bottle cap to your husband's boutonniere can look really cool. In this idea, they used vintage bottle caps to match the vintage theme.

{3} Paper Flowers
: Though this idea is not an addition to the boutonniere, it can have more meaning to him than a flower boutonniere might. Maybe it can be made with sheet music to his favorite song, or a song from a movie he loves. It could be made with pages from his favorite book. Another idea is if you ever give him love notes, he can copy them and use the copies as his flowers for the boutonniere.

{4} Key: Have him pin a key on as his boutonniere for another flower replacement idea. Make it even sweeter by wearing the lock as a bracelet or necklace.

{5} Lego Man: This can really translate to anything your groom wants to showcase. Legos come in all sorts of brands and characters that he can have his pick and pin it in! This Joker one is super funny.