Trend Tuesday | Romantic Bride and Groom Photos

When planning a wedding, it's easy to forget that you're not just planning a big party. Never forget that a wedding is all about the bride and groom and their love for each other. This picture by Ross Weddings captured an intimate moment between bride and groom as they leave for the night. For more, visit www.rossweddings.com. We have a list of beautiful just-the-two-of-us shots that will take you back to that day every time you look at them.

{1} The "Just Before the Kiss" Shot: There is nothing more romantic and intense than that moment before your lips touch. Capture that moment and everyone who looks at your pictures will feel your love for each other jump off the page.

{2} The Silhouette Shot: This is a simple yet elegant way to capture the two of you together. The light but blurry background keeps the focus on you as you hold each other. 

{3} The Holding Hands Shot: This shot from farther away seems almost like a candid. The sweet moment being exchanged with a simple hand holding and good lighting is a beautiful way to showcase your love for each other.

{4} The Intense Kiss Shot: If you want someone to feel like they walked in on something while looking at your pictures, you definitely want this one on your shot list. When you're old and gray, you can look back on this picture and remember the passion the two of you had that day.

{5} The Trash the Dress Shot: Warning! This is only for the most daring of brides! Typically saved for the end of the night, a trash the dress session is a way for you to unwind and do things you normally wouldn't dream of doing in your fancy dress. This picture is the perfect amount of romantic.