Trend Tuesday | Gorgeous Ceremony Locations

An effective way to cut costs is to carefully select your ceremony venue. A gorgeous church or outside venue to say your I do's will allow you to keep decor to a minimum and let the venue speak for itself. This picture by Ross Weddings shows how a little bit of decor goes a long way in this space. For more, visit www.rossweddings.com. Here are more ideas on how to let your venue speak for itself.

{1} Mountain View: This picture is originally taken in Washington but a similar effect can be achieved in Letchworth State Park! All you need to accent the gorgeous view, like in this picture, is a couple aisle decorations and something to make the alter area pop.

{2} Lilac Arches: Highland Park is a beautiful place to take pictures and get married. These arches are one of the focal points for the Lilac Festival and make a great alter for your wedding. This wedding added a little bit of green to the alter area and let the arches speak for themselves.

{3} Lake-side Ceremony
: What better way to get married than in front of water? Green, sunshine, and a beautiful lake are all you need to decorate this beautiful venue idea.

{4} Beach Ceremony: A beach ceremony is a beautiful way to go really simple with decor. This alter is really all you need to punctuate the ceremony space.

{5} Garden Ceremony
: To have the flowers provided for you, set your ceremony up in a garden! Pick a focal point, add the chairs, and you're good to go!