Fashion Friday

{1} Open Back Dress: A classy way to show your sexy side on your wedding day is to wear an open back dress. This gown specifically detailed with small pearls and a lace outlined back is very elegant!

{2} Matching Loafers: Having similar style to your other half can be trendy on your wedding day. These simple yet chic flats are a great way to start your new life together.

{3} Rose Gold & Smokey Quartz: This engagement ring look is edgy and classy all in the same. A rose gold band with a mixture of black diamonds and smokey quartz diamonds makes for a unique look!

{4} Feather Bouquet: If flowers aren't your cup of tea, or maybe even allergies are a factor, this non-traditional feathered bouquet is a gorgeous alternative!

{5} Feather Boutonniere Groom: To pair the bride's bouquet with the groom's boutonniere makes for an elegant look on for each. Stand out from the crowd as a dynamic duo!