Trend Tuesday | Wedding Party Photos

Wedding party photos are an important part of any bride and groom’s special day. Recently, they have become more and more of a focal point to capture unique and memorable wedding party moments. Photographers are working hard to make sure your photos are telling a great story and are different from ones we have seen before. As seen in this picture by Ross Weddings, the photographer created a dramatic look through the black and white editing and kept the focus on the bride. You can find more of their work at www.rossweddings.com. See the rest of this post for more ideas on how to make your wedding party photos tell a story.
{1} Dramatic Landscape: This photographer used the dramatic landscape in the background to make this photo so special. With so much going on, the main focus of the picture is still the bride and groom. Our favorite part is the colors of the bridal party and the landscape mixing so well together!
{2} Hats Off to the Bride & Groom: What’s a more unique and fun picture than hats off to the newlyweds!? We love this photo by Erica Camille. If you are having a beach wedding, this might be a picture you want to capture.
{3} Pre-Wedding Fun: Get rid of those pre-wedding jitters by letting loose with your bridal party! Your photographer will be able to capture some great shots of the people who mean the most to you on your special day! These can be adorable gifts to give your bridesmaids as a thank you after the wedding. 
{4} The Bridesmaid Pose: We love this picture of the groomsmen doing the bridesmaid pose with their bouquets! It’s a traditional picture for the bridesmaids to take, but an unexpected and uniform picture for the groomsmen! 
{5} The Big Celebration: Capturing a moment like this at your wedding will never go out of style! It brings together your wedding party, family and friends into one big celebration of the bride and groom. You will never get tired of looking at this photograph.