Trend Tuesday | Engagement Ring Shapes

Engagement rings not only are the first step towards your future as husband and wife, but also an accessory you will wear every day for the rest of your life. That being said, it is important to know your style and for your future groom to know this as well. This picture by Ultimate Images, shows a beautiful princess cut ring, which can have a very different look from other types of square diamonds. To see more photos by Ultimate Images, visit UIphoto.com. Here we have various different diamond engagement rings to help give you some insight on shapes!


{1} Oval: This elegant shape fits an old soul well. The oval diamond is not quite round, yet not quite rectangular. It just may be a great accent to your hand shape.


{2} Marquise: The marquise diamond as a unique shape of which most have a distinct eye for. This diamond is definitely a statement piece and a gorgeous engagement ring.

{3} Emerald: The emerald cut, not to be mistaken for the color stone, is also very vintage in its shape. This diamond ring is very beautiful and classy.

{4} Round: Now we enter the more traditional stone shapes for the modern bride. The round diamond is either something you absolutely want or maybe it just isn't for you. Adding a halo of smaller diamonds surrounding can give a solitaire an entirely different look.

{5} Cushion: This diamond shape is also mistaken for square or princess cut. The cushion cut is a square-like shape without the bold sharp edges. If you love both round diamonds and square diamonds, consider a cushion cut for your finger!