Trend Tuesday | Ring Bearer Ideas

If you have a special little boy to have in your wedding party, chances are he will melt your guests hearts. This adorable picture is by Lori and Erin Photography.  To see more of their work visit their website at www.lorianderin.com. Here we have some different ideas of how your ring bearer can steal the show!


{1} The Forgetful Ring Bearer: As your guests can see, your ring bearer (more than likely) is young, and pretty much just doing what he is told. This sign is adorable and humorous all at the same time, and is sure to get your guests smiling.

{2} The Impatient Ring Bearer: With a young ring bearer, brings a big stomach and little patience. This sign is all too honest, yet innocent enough where it is still comical. A sign like this one is perfect if you have more than one young boy in your family and cannot narrow it down to just one, as this gives the other something to hold as well.

{3} Playing Dress Up: Often young kids do not see the joy in a wedding ceremony.  Here's a way to get them to behave; tell them they are ring security and have them dress the part. Your ring bearer will feel important and as if he is dressing up, it will be a hit!

{4} Stud Muffin: If your ring bearer is simply undeniably cute, what better way to express that than with a sign showing him off. This sign is sure to make all the women saw "aww" and all the men high five him.

{5} Furry Ring Bearer: Is your favorite family member four legged and covered with fur? Then you should probably use your dog for your ring bearer! He may not have hands, but his collar can hook on a pair of rings or even a box made for this occasion.