Trend Tuesday | Dessert Alternatives

Cake cutting is a tradition going back generations, but once the cake is cut many pieces can go uneaten. A new trend is to buy a small cake to cut, and have alternative desserts that your guests will actually dig into! This photo shows a dessert table from a wedding photographed by Lori and Erin; for more of their work visit www.lorianderin.com. Here are some of our suggestions for alternative dessert options.


{1} S'more Table: The all-American snack: sitting around a bonfire with your closest friends and family enjoying a messy, yet delicious, s'more. Give this dessert a twist by giving various candy bar, graham cracker, and marshmallow flavors for differing combination options.


{2} Cookie Jars: Who doesn't love a homemade cookie? Well, having a table full of cookie jars at your wedding is sure to be a hit for all ages and taste buds. Everyone can choose their favorites from the buffet of cookies.


{3} Cakes: Maybe you're not so quick to get rid of the cake idea. Well, cupcakes and cake pops are personal cakes that can meet anyone's flavor desire. Having a cake pop or cupcake bar gives lots of options for your guests to choose from.


{4} Donut Paradise: If something that you and your finance have in common is that you're favorite sweet is a donut, then bring that into your wedding day! Having a donut bar is unique and fun!


{5} Candy Bar: One of the more common trends is to have a candy bar dessert alternative at your wedding. Full of sugar and flavor! Whether you want to have it full of color or your specific wedding color theme, a candy bar can be eaten at the venue or taken home as a favor.