Fashion Friday

{1} Different Necklines Bridesmaid Dresses: Finding a bridesmaid dress style that fits every bridesmaid perfectly is rare; there is no universally perfect dress to compliment every body type. Choosing a dress of the same length, color and fabric, but with different style neckline, is a great way to have each of your bridesmaids feel comfortable.

{2} Knee-High Wedding Boots: There's just about nothing more seductive than knee high boots, so why not rock them on your wedding day. These lace ribbon tied knee-high boots are sure to make a statement under that gorgeous gown of yours.

{3} Tear Drop Peach Ring: If you have unique style and love color, this is the perfect ring for you! With the band being vibrant, the stone being even brighter, and the tear drop shape this ring would make anyone's jaw drop.

{4} Gold Bouquet: All gold everything is a huge trend at the moment. Well, who thought you could have gold roses at your wedding?! This bouquet would definitely wow your crowd and turn heads.

{5} Grey Toned Groomsmen: For a very dapper look with old style, give your groom and groomsmen different patterns and fabrics while staying within a color scheme. This picture shows a great example of that.