Trend Tuesday | Black and White Wedding

Black and white is one of the most simply elegant color combinations. It is truly timeless. There are so many ways to incorporate black and white into your wedding that are sure to keep the night looking exquisite. This up-close shot of the groom's black tux with silk white tie and rose is a perfect example of how well the two colors go together. Picture by Ultimate Images; for more of their wedding photos visit www.uiphoto.com. Here are some of our suggestions of how to use black and white as your wedding colors.

{1} Bridal Party: Of course if your wedding is a strictly black and white affair, your bridal party will be the perfect fit into that theme. This pictures shows how classy your bridal party could look with such simple colors. Besides women love to wear black dresses and won't oppose to that!


{2} Table Dressings: Linens can often clash if there are multiple colors in your wedding. Opting for a black and white combination keeps things simple. Spice the look up a bit by adding metallic elements or black and white stripes.


{3} Dessert Table: When you're trying to order desserts for your wedding it can often be hard to find places that can match your desserts to your exact wedding colors. With black and white as your color scheme there's no denying how simple finding desserts would be!


{4} White Roses: White roses on their own are extremely romantic, but adding a large arrangement of white flowers to matte black vases is breathtakingly beautiful.


{5} Wedding Invitations: With your wedding colors being black and white, it can be hard to find the perfect invitation type. A simply beautiful cursive stationary style invitation could be the perfect touch.