Fashion Friday

{1} Caped Gown: Veil's aren't for everyone. Some women prefer a hair style on their wedding day without being covered by a veil. Having a caped gown like the one pictured gives you an elegant train without a veil.


{2} Doc Marten Wedding Shoes: These iconic boots are known to have a grunge look. Why not incorporate them into your wedding day? Find the color that best fits your wedding day style and rock them. Comfort and sensibility in one!

{3} Black Band Engagement Ring:
We've seen the black stone engagement rings before, and they are most definitely a statement piece. This ring not only has a black diamond, but a black band as well. If you feel most attracted to the darker shades this could be the perfect ring for you.

{4} Chained Garter:
Garters on a wedding day are commonly worn strictly for the garter removal. But a garter like this one, gorgeous and dainty with a hanging chain, may be something you want to show off for more than just the removal!

{5} Bright Groom: Is your groom someone who is rarely seen without a wow-factor ensemble? This deep blue suit is a great way for a groom to make a head or two turn while remaining tasteful and classy.