Trend Inspiration | Out-of-the-Box Card Boxes

Old, square cardboard card boxes don’t quite cut it anymore for weddings. Bride and grooms have started to use unique and innovative ideas to store their weddings cards, and make these boxes a highlight to their event! The beautiful bird cage above, photographed by Lori and Erin Photography, is just one of many Card Box options to choose from. See some more creative ideas below!

{1} Tree Stump: What a nifty way to use nature as apart of your wedding! Show everyone how much you love our world by utilizing a tree stump for your cardholder. 

{2} Mailbox: Using a mailbox is a creative method to hold your ‘mail’ from the wedding. Add some paint to spice it up a bit!


{3} Guitar Case: For those music loving couples or maybe just couples who want a vintage look, an old guitar case would be perfect! Add a burlap sign like pictured below for an even more unique card box.

{4} Wine Barrel: Having a wedding in a winery, or simply love the look, this wine barrel provides lots of space for cards and can be a great accent to a wedding. 

{5} The Newlywed Box: A cute reminder of your future together through this look-a-like house card box.