Ruby's Blog | Speciality Services at Your Wedding

Hello Bride & Groom’s To Be!

I’m Ruby the Rochester Bride! As a newlywed of the Rochester area, I love sharing my knowledge of the wedding experience with newly engaged couples. This week, I am going to share with you some ideas for specialty services you can include at your wedding to make it even more special and unique!

{1} Valet: If you are getting married at a location that may not have great or close parking, consider hiring a valet service for the day. It will be a nice way to surprise your guests and make them feel appreciated!

{2} Coat Check: For a wedding taking place in the off-season, which is anytime between late fall and early Spring, hire a coat check for your wedding reception! That way people won't have to keep track of their coats, and your beautifully decorated reception fall won't be littered in jackets!

{3} Seat Escorts: It seems that the tradition of having Ushers at weddings is not as common as it used to be, but having people escort guests to their seats either at the ceremony or reception is another great way to make your wedding feel like the elegant affair it is!

{4} Red Carpet Photo Shoot: Having photo booths with props has been a major wedding trend the past couple of years, but turn it up a notch at your own wedding with a red carpet photo shoot for your guests! You can also create a customized background with your wedding logo and have your guests feel like celebrities for a day. Chances are you will get some really great pictures!

{5} Champagne Hour: If you are having a cocktail hour between your ceremony and reception, have hand passed hors d'ouevres as well as servers passing glasses of champagne to your guests so they don not need to wait in line at the bar.