Trend Inspiration | Unique Bridal Bouquets

Flowers are a staple in many weddings, and the most beautiful bouquet is always carried by the bride herself! But we love what some women are choosing to do by having a unique bouquet they carry down the aisle, like this gorgeous one captured by Robin Fox Photography, featuring cranberries and colored objects amongst the flowers! Read below while we share with you more ideas for unique bridal bouquets.

{1} Giant Flower Bouquet: This show-stopper is especially unique.  Also known as a composite, this bouquet looks like only one giant flower, but is pieced together with many petals.

{2} Succulent Bouquet: For a beautiful garden themed day, this bouquet full of succulents will fit right in. We love how the pastel colors compliment each other so well!

{3} Brooch Bouquet: Okay so this one does not involve natural elements at all, but we adore how gorgeous brooch bouquets are! You can also incorporate brooches that have sentimental meaning to you to make them extra special.

{4} Au Naturelle: This one is fun and definitely for the more laid-back bride. The bouquet consists mainly of feathers with a few other natural elements tied in.

{5} Beach Bouquet: This gorgeous sea themed bouquet is perfect for a beach themed affair.