Trend Inspiration | Alternative Wedding Cakes

There are so many ways to put a unique touch on your wedding, but the most delicious has got to be your wedding cake! There are so many alternative ways to have a fun dessert to serve on your big day, as seen in this picture captured by Lori & Erin Photography. Read on to get some more creative and tasty ideas for your own wedding!

{1} Rice Krispy Treat Cake: Talk about nostalgia! This cake not only looks delicious but would undoubtably bring back fond memories from childhood.


{2} Mini Pies: Similar to the cupcakes from the featured wedding above, the idea of having miniature pies would be that each of your guests gets their own! This is a super fun idea, but may be most ideal for smaller weddings.

{3} Cheese Cake: Not exactly the creamy and sweet dessert we all picture, but a real alternative "cake" made of different cheeses for the couple who prefers savory to sweet!
{4} Waffle Cake: This tower of waffles is perfect dessert for a brunch wedding.


{5} Crepes: Another way to play with the savory versus sweet aspect of the dessert could be with a crepe tower! If you really can't decide which filling to choose, try a couple of different crepe cakes.