Fashion Inspiration

{1} Hippie-Chic: Is your style stuck in the wrong era? This dress incorporates all hippie elements while still having a whimsical modern twist.

{2} Barefoot Floral: To go along with a hippie-chic dress, some are more comfortable being barefoot! And you won't have to worry about wearing heels that sink into the ground.


{3} Turquoise Is The New Black: Turquoise jewelry is back and it's big. This engagement ring is unique to a turquoise lover's sense of style.


{4} Head Jewelry: If you like what you've seen so far in this post, then a statement head jewelry piece like this one might just be your thing.

{5} Denim Button Down: Have you got a laid back groom on your hands? Well this laid back look will probably suit him well, and a denim button down is a great way for him to be comfortable and trendy on your wedding day.