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Hello Bride & Groom’s To Be!

I’m Ruby the Rochester Bride! As a newlywed of the Rochester area, I love sharing my knowledge of the wedding experience with newly engaged couples. This week, we are going to discuss everything to do with your wedding guest list.

{1} Splitting Up The Guest List: Traditionally, the guest list will be split up into 3 sections. First, the Bride and Groom will pick 50% of the guests. Then the Parents of the Bride will pick 25% of the guests, and the Parents of the Groom will choose the remaining 25% of the guests. Like I mentioned, this is just traditional, but not necessary! It is organized and may cause less drama when it comes to inviting guests, but everyone's family is different, so make sure you are comfortable with how it is divided up.

{2} Rules for the Guest List: Making a guest list is never easy; you’re afraid to hurt someone’s feelings or leave someone out, but you also want people there who are important to you! You may know a lot of people, but that doesn't mean you have to invite them all. Here are some rules to help you pick who to add to the list, and who to leave off:
  •  If both of you haven’t spoken to, met or heard from them in three years or more, don't invite.
  •  If anyone is on the list only because you feel guilty for not inviting them, than you should leave them off the guest list. 
  • If it is important to your fiancé or family member that someone attends, you should invite them if you are able!
{3} Organizing the Guest List: Pen and paper was the old fashion way to make the guest list, but we live in the world where technology is thriving, so use it to your advantage! Google doc, guest list manger, excel, or word are all great options to help you create and edit your list quicker.

{4} Response Cards: Use these cards the most efficient way you can! Leave extra room for people to write their Plus-1 and family members names. Don't forget to number your cards in case people leave out major details, you will still know who RSVP'd.  Also be as clear as possible who you are inviting.  Address the envelopes correctly and note on the RSVP how many are invited.

{5} Take Control: Don’t let parents and future in-laws fight you on the guest list. If they are upset with you for not inviting someone they wanted to come but the budget won't allow, explain your situation. It is possible they will chip in a little to help you out so their guest can come, but either way, you need to be upfront about your decisions. When it comes down to it, it’s you and your fiancé's wedding, so make sure it is everything you both want!