Trend Tuesday | Pets at Weddings

Let's face it, your pets are like your family. So why would they be excluded from your wedding? This photo by Robin Fox Photography shows one bride posing with her cute pooch. For more, check out robinfoxphotography.com. Here are five more ideas on how to incorporate your pets at your wedding.

{1} Man's Best Friend: Best man, maid of honor, ring bearer, whatever! If your dog is well behaved they can play any part in your special day. 

{2} Bunny: Bunnies are quiet and cute. If you have a bunny that you love, there's no reason to keep it in the cage all day!

{3} Fish: Why not use your beautiful fish in your centerpiece! You can have your own fish at the head table and maybe provide new fish at the tables as favors.

{4} Horses: A great way to incorporate your pet horse is to have him carry you into the ceremony space. It will make you feel so majestic and royal. Plus, you can dress him up however you want, with a beautiful blanket or flowers around his neck. Just make sure he isn't skittish around a lot of people and you will be golden!

{5} Cats: We can't forget about cute cats! They are great for getting ready photos, as long as you catch them when they are calm. We love this cute picture capturing a sweet moment between the bride and her best cat friend.