Trend Tuesday | Different Garters

Colors, prints, and charms; why stick to the same old blue and lace garter? We love how these garters stand out, like this one photographed by Lori and Erin. For more from them, check out www.lorianderin.com. However, we have more ideas on how you can spice up your garter toss with these five looks.

{1} Themed Garter: Perfect for the nerdiest of couples! Choose your favorite character or franchise and display it on this gorgeous garter!

{2} Sports Team Garter: What better way to show your support to your favorite sports team than with the ribbon on the garter? For extra pizzazz, throw the garter wrapped around the ball from the sport you chose!

{3} Skull Charm: Hey, till death do you part, right? The bright red and deep black paired with the silver charm is perfect for the bride that isn't very traditional.

{4} Camouflage Garter: If you and your new husband are avid hunters, this is the garter for you! The camo gets a pretty side with the addition of the sheer fabric. Add a charm for what you usually like to hunt and it will mean something special to the both of you.

{5} Rainbow Garter: Want a bright garter but can't decide which color? How about all of them!