Fashion Friday

{1} Bright Colored Bridesmaids: Gone are the soft pastels and fade away colors of the past. This year is all about bright, vivid colors. Start with your bridesmaids, like these jewel-toned purple dresses.

{2} Bright Green Shoes: Bring the bright colors to your shoes with these cool green pumps. The perfect mix of bright and natural, these shoes will draw eyes as you walk down the aisle.

{3} Blue Stone Engagement Ring: If you really want to commit to colors, carry it over with an engagement ring other than a diamond. This ring with a blue stone is perfect to do just that with the dark blue stone color surrounded by smaller diamonds. The matching wedding ring makes the set to die for.

{4} Bright Orchid Bouquet: This bright bouquet, featuring tie dye dendrobium orchids and punctuated with pink calla lilies, would look absolutely gorgeous against a white wedding dress. It features so many unique colors that would be easy to incorporate into the whole wedding.

{5} Bright Socks: If he has to wear socks, why not wear fun socks? These brightly colored socks are made even better by showcasing the groomsmen's favorite super hero.