Trend Tuesday | Ceiling Decor

When decorating a reception venue, it's easy to think about the tables and the walls. But what about the ceiling? This photo by John Schlia Photo shows how a little ceiling decor goes a long way. For more, visit www.johnschlia.com. Here are five more ideas on how to draw your guests eyes up toward the stars.

{1} Hanging Lanterns: These lanterns come in all shapes and sizes and are a pretty, cost effective way to decorate the ceiling. This idea, using the three main colors, ties the tables to the ceiling and back again.

{2} Pretty Draping and Lighting: In an open and high-ceiling venue like a barn, it helps to add something to the look. This fabric draping and string lights add a touch of softness to the country venue.

{3} Chandelier: Another good pairing for draping is a dramatic, crystal chandelier. The lights seem to glow off the fabric and the crystals, lighting your reception up with a warm glow.

{4} Fabric Strips: For a rustic take on a chandelier, try strips of fabric instead. Find fabric in your wedding colors and hang them for a dramatic effect. 

{5} Hanging Florals: This idea is perfect for a tent wedding. The flowers drape so elegantly down towards the tables and it adds a sense of luxury to the reception.