Trend Tuesday | Bridal Belts

If you're looking to add a little something-something to your wedding dress, a belt is a great way to achieve that! We love this blingy one photographed by Lori and Erin. You can see more from them at lorianderin.com. Here are five ways you can add to your wedding dress.

{1} Bling Belt: This belt is perfect for a dress that doesn't have a lot of bling to it, like the lace dress pictured here. Add the perfect amount of sparkle for you. No more, no less.

{2} Floral Details: 3D floral embellishments are very in style right now. This flower is a perfect addition to a soft, flowy dress that just needs something different.

{3} Colored Sash: A good way to add color (or even your something blue!) to your dress is to add a sash. It can be a great way to highlight one of your wedding colors. We love how this one is satin and shiny.

{4} Plaid Sash
: This sash is a great way for you to show off your Irish or Scottish Heritage! Find a scarf or fabric in your family's tartan and wrap it around your waist over your dress. It is a great sentimental touch that brings you back to your roots.

{5} Solid Gold Belt
: If you want shine bit bling isn't for you, this is the perfect happy medium. The solid gold color is neutral and goes with any palette. But it is shiny enough to reflect the light in a nice way. We love how this one is skinny so it doesn't take anything away from the beauty of the dress.