Trend Tuesday | Groom Gifts

Your wedding day is often such a busy day, full of emotions and planning, that it takes a reminder to sit back and enjoy your day together. What better way to reach out to your soon-to-be husband prior to the walk down the aisle, than a personal gift sent to him. This photo by Ross Weddings holds the idea of an engraved glass decanter with the grooms initials. For more, visit www.rossweddings.com. Here we have a list of thoughtful items to gift your groom before your wedding day events!

{1} Socks: Socks are often seen to be a cliche gift to men, but dress socks for the groom to wear on your wedding day with a personalized comical note stating "in case you get cold feet" makes for a great gift!
{2} Jack n' Coke: Such a simple gift idea to take the edge off can be made touching when put into a specialized box with a hand-written gesture inside like this one!

{3} Cuff links: Cuff links may be a detail of your future husband's attire that he overlooks and does not plan specifically for the wedding day. A great way to send a personalized message could be a pair such as these!

{4} Watch: A watch is a gift that keeps on giving for time to come, but tie it into your wedding day by jokingly reminding your groom of the time you'll meet him at the alter or to not be late! 

{5} Tie: Of course your groom will have his tie picked out and ready prior to the big day, but surprise him with an embroidered message on the inside of the tie for him to read before he sees you!