Fashion Friday

{1} Long Sleeved Boho Dress: If you have that free spirit style and a hippie heart, then this shabby chic long sleeved wedding gown may be the perfect fit for you. Can you say swoon?

{2} Beaded Strappy Heels: To pair with your boho chic gown, try out a pair of nude heels detailed with beaded trappings to match perfectly!

{3} Herkimer Engagement Ring: Flash that engagement ring with a unique shape and style to fit your personality while standing out from the classic look!

{4} Feathered Headband: To match with the rest of your boho, hippie-like style, consider a simple yet beautiful feather headband like this one to wear on your wedding day!

{5} Denim Button Down Groom: If your groom has a similar laid back style to you, then picture him wearing a denim button down shirt with a pair of khaki's or chino's to keep cool and trendy on your wedding day!