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Hello Brides and Grooms To Be!

I’m Ruby the Rochester Bride! As a newlywed of the Rochester area, I love sharing my knowledge of the wedding experience with newly engaged couples. This week I can’t wait to share with you some information and things to think about with a Pin-Up photo shoot! 

Who is your alter-ego? A vintage alluring and sexy Marilyn Monroe type? A rockabilly chick that is fun and a little dangerous? Or a sexy mama who puts glamour back into everyday housework?

With a little help from a Pin-Up photographer, your inner-vision of yourself will become a reality! A Pin-Up shoot is anything but boring! You get to choose your theme and obsess about your outfit. When in your life will you have an excuse to buy THOSE shoes!? And have someone else do your hair and make-up for a photo shoot? Yep! I’ll take that! Turn it into a day of pampering with an incredible gift to give afterward.

You can go a step farther and invite your friends. Have a calendar girl themed bachelorette party! Start the evening with a Pin-Up shoot that will bring out the inner glamour-girl in each of you. You’ll have the best girlfriend photos you could dream of – and some great gifts for all of your girls!

You can turn your Pin-Up into anything. Does your partner work in the garage a lot? Get them a vintage-style metal print of your Pin-Up to hang – just like the Pin-Up girls of the past. Or maybe they’re obsessed with their phone – get them a custom case with your beautiful self on it so they always remember who they get to come home to. The ideas are endless!

Worried you won’t know what to wear? How to pose? Don’t worry! When you choose a photographer that specializes in Pin-Ups, they’ve got all that knowledge in their back pocket! They will be able to guide you. They have all the inside tips and tricks. Nothing says glamour and beauty with just a little sexy like a Pin-Up!