Trend Tuesday | Red, White and Black Wedding

Red is known to be a romantic color, no matter the season. A classic elegant style for your wedding day could be to have a black and white wedding with red accents. This photo by Ultimate Images shows the bride's white gown hanging with her red bridesmaid dresses; a beautiful combination. To see more photos by Ultimate Images, visit UIphoto.com. Here we have various ways to incorporate accents of red into your otherwise black and white wedding!

{1} Red High Heels: As the bride, white and ivory are traditionally your go-to color palette for your wedding day. Here we have some stunning red bowed high heels to consider wearing on your big day!

{2} Red Velvet: No questions asked, a red velvet cake is sure to be a perfect fit for your wedding day. The "naked cake" look is simple, yet elegant, especially for this color scheme with the red showing through!

{3} Ruby Red Apple: A great way to incorporate red into a fall wedding in a simple way is to use ripe apples. Bring your wedding colors and season together in an elegant way using apples as decor.

{4} Red Chuck Taylors: If you have yourself a laid-back groom with casual style, red Converse sneakers or red socks are a subtle way to tie in your wedding colors without your groom stepping out of his comfort zone.

{5} Red Roses: Red roses are just about as romantic as it comes, so what better wedding flowers than those! Just look at how elegant this bouquet is with red roses and crystals intertwined.