Trend Tuesday | Personalized Messages

At the end of the day, your wedding would not be what it is without your friends and family. Surrounded by your loved ones, expressing gratitude is a must, but finding a unique and personalized way to truly show how thankful you are is sentimental. This photo of an embroidered handkerchief taken by Lori and Erin photography is a great example of personalized messages on your wedding day. For more photos by Lori and Erin photography visit www.lorianderin.com. Here we have some ideas of how to personalize items for your wedding to express your love and happiness.

{1} Engraved Cuff: This gold cuff is perfect for mothers, bridesmaids, flower girls, or any woman special to you on your wedding day. Jewelry serves a dual purpose as a personalized gift and accessory on your wedding day!


{2} Bottom of Shoe: You may want to incorporate messages from the bride to the groom and vice versa prior to taking the walk down the aisle. A creative way to place that message is on the bottom of your wedding shoe. Keep the shoes and the memory forever!
{3} Something Blue: A great personalized piece on your wedding day meshed with your "something blue" is a blue stitching in your wedding dress. This specific message is the bride's new married name and wedding date!
{4} Custom Wine Label: What better way to thank your future in-laws for welcoming you into the family than to personalize a bottle of wine for them! A delicious treat with a sentimental message they can preserve forever.
{5} Necklace with a Note: Thank your future mother-in-law for raising your perfect man with a beautifully thought out message along with an equally as beautiful necklace to wear on your wedding day and every day after.