Fashion Friday

{1} Double Skirt Wedding Gown: If you have a desire to wear two completely different looks for your ceremony and your reception, here's a beautiful way to do so without purchasing two different dresses. This gown has a detachable skirt that looks gorgeous attached and detached!
{2} Blue Pumps: A great way to incorporate the classic tradition of "something blue" into your wedding day is to sport a set of blue pump heels! Even if your wedding color scheme doesn't have blue in it, with a long wedding gown you can still incorporate something blue without them standing out!
{3} Ruby Engagement Ring: A white diamond isn't for everyone! Maybe your taste is more of a rare or colorful stone. This rich ruby red stone surrounded by classic white diamonds makes for a beautiful engagement ring!
{4} Butterfly Bouquet: A floral bouquet is not everyone's style. If you find a liking to another beautiful creature such as a butterfly, then make your bouquet your own like this elegant butterfly one!
{5} Gold Groom: If your wedding day incorporates flashes of gold with other colors, then this is a trendy fashion-forward idea for your groom. Have him sport a gold tux jacket on your wedding day!