Trend Tuesday | Tiffany Blue

One of the most iconic shades of blue is Tiffany Blue. You know, the color of that little blue box that would build excitement in just about any woman. Why not incorporate that vibrant color into your wedding day? This photo by Lori and Erin photography shows the details of the Tiffany Blue tiered macaroons at a wedding. To see more pictures by this duo check out www.lorianderin.com. Here we have gathered some inspiration of how beautiful a Tiffany Blue wedding can come out.


{1} Tiffany Blue and Grey Groom: This photo helps you to envision a grey and Tiffany blue color scheme on your wedding day. The contrast really helps the blue to pop!


{2} Signature Drink: With a color scheme such as Tiffany Blue it is often easy to create a signature drink to match! 

{3} Tiffany Branding: It's a great idea to use this fabulous blue, so why not the whole Tiffany's look? This is a clever use of the Tiffany & Co. logo with your own last name that is cheeky yet sophisticated!

{4} Up-lighting: Matching the reception lighting to your color scheme is a simple way to incorporate Tiffany blue without over doing colored decor. This elegant white reception is tied to the blue shade with only the lighting!

{5} Tiffany in the Fall: A great way to give your wedding day a fall feel while still incorporating the Tiffany blue colors, is to offer blue candied apples. These apples can look appetizing in any color.