Trend Tuesday | Colored Wedding Gowns

Wedding dresses with a pop of color are pretty common, but a newer and less common trend with wedding dresses are colored gowns. This trend is not for everyone, but is definitely unique and very memorable. This shot by Robin Fox Photography is particularly unique.  Not only is the bride's dress a blush pink color, but her bridesmaid dresses are the ones that are white! To see more photos from this wedding and more, visit www.robinfoxphotography.com. Here are some more unique colored gowns to consider for your wedding day.


{1} Black is the New Black: Though black and white go hand in hand and are often very elegant, a black wedding gown is not something you see everyday. Often women feel more comfortable in black. If black is part of your signature style, a dress like this one is a beautiful bridal choice.


{2} Floral Gown: Another great way to make a statement with your wedding dress is to have it covered in a floral pattern like this one. This mermaid gown has some great flair with it's bright colored flower pattern.


{3} Creme de la Creme: As far as wedding gowns go, an off white or an ivory gown is not that uncommon. Say you want to have a colored gown but you're usually quite simple. A creme colored bridal gown such as this one is a great way to have a statement dress without going too far off of a normal bridal gown palette.


{4} Ruby Red: One of the most romantic colors out there is a rich red shade, so why not wear it on the most romantic day of your life. This bridal gown is sure to make heads turn.


{5} Natural Green: Greenery is a popular trend this wedding season, so pair the natural look with a green wedding gown. It's sure to make a show stopping look for your outdoor wedding.