Trend Tuesday | Cake Stands

Whether you choose one large cake, a tiered cake, a small cake with other desserts, or cupcakes, you're going to need a stand! Like the one pictured, stands can come in all different shapes, styles, and sizes. Lori & Erin photographed this picture of a cupcake stand with staggering tiers and birch wood as feet. To see more photography from Lori and Erin visit www.lorianderin.com. In this post you will see various different cake stands to use as inspiration for your desserts!


{1} Captured Wedding Flowers: As a base for this wedding cake they used a simple round mirror with roses inside vases as the feet underneath the cake itself. This is a beautiful and elegant way to incorporate more of your wedding flowers into even your dessert table.

{2} Tree Trunk: If you're going for the rustic, woodsy wedding, this sliver of a tree trunk would be perfect to hold your wedding cake on. This one specifically added babies breath for detail. This is a simple and subtle way to display your wedding desserts!

{3} The Barrel: Another rustic and unique way to display your wedding cake is on top of a wooden barrel, this display less common than others but gives the cake a free standing look that draws attention from all corners of the room. This picture specifically has a glass round on top to give it that more elegant look.

{4} The Hanging Cake: A very creative way to display your tiered wedding cake is to use a hanging stand. This hanging stand specifically hands the tiers from largest to smallest, but there are stands that can changes that order as well. This stand gives the cake a floating illusion which is very different and clean looking!

{5} Cupcake Cubbies: Wooden boxes with built in dividers is a great way to display your cupcakes for your wedding without them all touching each other! This not only looks artistic but it is also a great way for your guests to differ the different flavors from one another.